DiabeticTraveler.com began in 2004 when an individual with diabetes who enjoyed traveling throughout the United States and other locations around the world found it difficult to locate information about how to travel safely with diabetes.

Those experiences with hotels, airlines, trains and travel in general convinced him that only individuals who have diabetes and travel, really understand their concerns and needs. He wanted to provide a single site where diabetes travelers could find all of the information and solutions to solve diabetes travel problems and provide a place where travelers with diabetes could share travel experiences.

If you have suggestions, ideas or would just like to tell us about your experiences when traveling don’t hesitate to contact us at information@diabetictraveler.com

Have a great day and wonderful travels

DT.com Team

 Please remember, we are only travelers like you. Please check with your doctor, diabetic educator or other medical diabetes specialist before you travel. They are always the best source of advice on how to manage your diabetes while you travel. Opinions expressed in signed articles or on linked sites are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by DiabeticTraveler.com