1. Holiday Flight Delay? Airports Offer Flu Shots, Workouts and More

ABC Explore,   Nov. 20, 2012,  by (@gsbrownabc)

Higher prices. Crowded airports. Long lines. No empty seats onboard. No more room in the overhead bins.

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday travel season.

If Mother Nature cooperates and the weather is pleasant in major hub cities on busy travel days this week, air travel should go very smoothly. Airports and airlines are prepared for the increase in crowds and will staff up in anticipation. But the weather is beyond their control, and if there are stormy skies in the Northeast or Chicago the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Sunday following it, you can expect mass chaos.

And of course, flight delays.

All airports are not created equal when it comes to passing the time. Here are six ways to while away those hours, depending on the airport you’re flying out of or connecting through.

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2. ICE campaign taking off

Use your cell phone to store your emergency contact information.  Enter ICE (In Case of Emergency) in your contacts with the corresponding phone number of the individual you want contacted. An emergency responder knows this is the place they can easily find the ICE contact info.

3. Airline’s Medicine Ban Leaves Passenger In Coma

The New Zealand Herald, Wednesday November 1, 2006, by James Ihaka

A diabetic man fell into a coma because the airport staff refused to let him take his insulin on board a flight from Auckland to Christchurch. Quantas yesterday apologized to Tui Peter Russell, who had a severe attack on the plane and was in the hospital for two weeks. Mr. Russell said check-in staff at Auckland Airport told him he couldn’t not take his medication on board because it was dangerous.

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