The best way to let first responders and others know that you have diabetes is to carry several forms of emergency identification

Wear a diabetes identification bracelet, chain, shoe tag or something similar

A diabetes identification bracelet, chain or shoe tag make it easy to locate your diabetes condition in case of an emergency. If you have an episode of low blood sugar, an heart attack, cannot speak clearly, etc. they let others know that you have diabetes and need medical attention. While other forms of identification such as letters from your doctor or pharmacist, or wallet cards are good to have they can often be difficult to find or you can become separated from them. It is not easy to become separated from a bracelet, chain or shoe tag.

A great resource is Road ID. Please take a look at their assortment of IDwear.



An identification bracelet lets others know you have diabetes but how can you help emergency responders know who to contact on your behalf ?

Another recent method of identification that is gaining some popularity is to enter emergency contact information on your cell phone. Store the word ICE (In Case of Emergency), in your address book with the name of the person to contact in case of emergency. The emergency responder will see the acronym on your cell and access it for the contact information. This is not a replacement for your ID bracelet but another way to make sure that in an emergency you can be helped.