Although sometimes difficult to do, it is important to maintain an exercise routine when traveling. Remember to keep it simple so it fits easily into your on-the-road schedule.

Here are a few suggestions,

1.  Travel Exercises – in your hotel room

Travel exercises are not always easy to work into your day as it is often difficult to exercise in your hotel room when you travel. But, it is important that you follow some sort of routine and exercise while traveling. Some exercises we find helpful are: Sit ups – Leg ups (on your back or on your side) – push ups – a rubber resistance band – squats – use a towel for resistance exercises – jump rope – jumping jacks

2.  Deep Vein Thrombosis

When you remain seated in the same position for long periods, you increase the chances of developing deep vein thrombosis or DVT, a condition involving the formation of blood clots in the legs. Some people are more susceptible to developing DVT than others. If concerned, please consult a physician about how to exercise while traveling.

A direct link between air travel and DVT has not been established. Moving your body may decrease the risks of DVT. For example, stand, stretch and walk through the cabin when the Fasten Seat Belt sign is off or do some simple exercises in your seat such as foot flexes, scissor kicks, ankle, shoulder or neck rotations, or stretching you arms, legs and back. Also see Ace Fit Fact #2, “How to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis on long plane flights”

DVT is not only a problem when flying. If you are taking a long road trip and spending hours in the car DVT can be a problem. Bottom line, anytime you are seated for a long period of time you run the risk of developing DVT.

3.  Pedometers can keep your exercise plan on track

Pedometers are a great tool to measure exercise while traveling. They can provide an easy way of measuring your activity. Read “Get motivated to improve your insulin action with physical activity” at Diabetes in for a good article on physical activity and pedometers

4.  Easy ID when you are jogging, walking or exercising

Travelers that run or walk for exercise while traveling but hate to carry identification because it is too bulky or gets in the way, look at the Shoe ID from Road ID. It attaches firmly to the shoe or around the shoelaces of your jogging or walking shoes with a small velcro strap. It is made with reflective materials making it easy to find and because the velcro can be adjusted it wont flop around. No more bouncing of a neck chain or the discomfort of exercising with a wristband or ankle bracelet

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